Wilbourn & Co

Wilbourn & Co are expert Chartered Environmental Surveyors on how environmental issues and law affect all forms of property values. The practice has been involved with significant cases in disputes where environmental damages have impaired asset values. Philip Wilbourn is a leading expert in this field.


Wilbourn & Co are one of the leading experts on how the environment impacts on property values. The practice based in Doncaster covers the UK and has also undertaken assignments in France, Germany and the Republic of Ireland.

Environmental Services

Forward thinking organisations are recognising the benefits of proactive environmental engagement. Effective environmental management is a crucial part of asset management to maintain and maximise value.

Expert Witness

We can provide specialist advice on regeneration and development matters, along with advice on strategic disposals and acquisitions.

Flood Risk Reporting

Wilbourn & Co are aware of the challenges that flooding brings to all forms of property

Further Action?

What do you do if your online report comes back saying “Further Action”? Wilbourn & Co know how to address this without incurring excessive costs

In the Community

Wilbourn & Co believe in supporting activities that inspire