Flood Risk Reporting

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Flood Risk Reporting

Catastrophic Floods over the last 10 years have had significant implications for property owners. In addition, insurance is now not always available for property owners, particularly in the commercial sector. The absence of all perils insurance can have a material impact on the ability to borrow against the value of the asset.

There are many mechanisms of flooding and with unrivalled access to data Wilbourn & Co and help property owners understand their full risks before commissioning detailed reports. It is certainly an essential component of due diligence when buying property.

Property Level Protection is a central part of Government Policy at all levels of real estate and property owners are expected to take control of protecting their assets. But it is not possible to make any building completely flood proof.

As such Wilbourn & Co working in partnership with experts in the built environment can produce Flood Protection Surveys which are designed to assess what can be done to make the asset resilient to flooding so that either the built environment can withstand a flood or that the loss and expense is mitigated.

As volunteers Wilbourn & Co sat on the steering group of the Sheffield Lower Don Valley Flood Defence Project where a Business Improvement was created for the sole purpose of building flood defences. A total of £20.5m was raised this way.

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