Chartered Environmental Surveyors

Wilbourn & Co

Wilbourn & Co are one of the leading experts on how the environment impacts on property values. The practice based in Doncaster covers the UK and has also undertaken assignments in France, Germany and the Republic of Ireland

Following the banking crash businesses regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority demand higher levels of due diligence than just an online report. Wilbourn & Co ensure that all aspects of environmental risk are articulated and that this underpins not undermines the value attributed to the asset. Property investors demand more from their professional advisors and that is where Wilbourn & Co are able to help. Latterly, the RICS Valuation Standards published in July 2017 demands that these issues are addressed to protect al stakeholders. New RICS guidance where Philip Wilbourn is the lead author which is expected to be published in the autumn will further reinforce these messages.

There is a growing body of case law demonstrating that the nuisance caused directly or in some cases indirectly from environmental features has an impact on asset value and the courts are now awarding damages based on diminution in value. Such nuisance can be caused directly by oil leaks or indirectly from Japanese Knotweed for example.

Because there is a risk of growing negligence claims Wilbourn & Co is often sought out by other property consultants for expert advice in the sale and transfer of all forms of real estate.

From Doncaster all the UK can be accessed efficiently.